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Beaumont Piping Fabrication has decades of experience performing Industrial Mechanical Maintenance in a variety of plant atmospheres

We’ve worked in many different refineries, on a few mine sites, coal power plants, natural gas power plants, combined cycle power plants, thermal solar power plants, and process facilities. We provide Industrial Mechanical Maintenance services to all of Jefferson County and surrounding Southern Texas counties. BPF also provides short-term contract maintenance such as Turnarounds and Outages planned. Depending on the size and scope of the job; Our maintenance crews consists of Journeyman Level Millwrights, Pipefitters, Machinists, Pipe Welders, Structural Welders, Crane Operators, Forklift Operators, Safety and Quality management professionals. All of our operations are verifiable with proof of current certifications from governing organizations such as OSHA, MSHA, AWS, NCCER, and NCCCO. Our safety record is very good with zero lost time injuries and an excellent Experience Modification Rate (EMR) average.

Piping Fabrication Beaumont TX

We’ve performed many boiler repairs including the tube to tube sheet repairs, tube repairs, and tube bundle replacements. Sec. I ASME B31.1 work with high-pressure steam lines utilizing P91 material that requires a high constant interpass temperature to weld. Extensive monitoring is utilized to capture the activities and work being performed to assure adherence to the code. We’ve done extensive ASME B31.3 process piping involving dual containment systems to prevent hazardous material or substances from leaking per EPA regulations. BPF has been an integral part of many types of machinery and plant equipment maintenance and modifications using design-build techniques and personnel.

Our Industrial Mechanical Division is equipped to deliver outstanding, cutting-edge professional services and materials.

At Beaumont Piping Fabrication, our Industrial Mechanical Division is in high regards, as one of the most elite and cutting edge turnkey solutions within our class. We’ll handle your entire mechanical contract including the pipe support fabrication to make your job easier. Our level of experience and technical capabilities is unrivaled elsewhere in the state.
Our Industrial Mechanical Division operates from an independent office complex and consists of a 22,000-square foot shop for carbon steel applications and a separate 10,000-square foot shop for stainless steel projects, and they’re both located on 20 acres of land. At our shop, we have Mobile Cranes, Areal lifts, and our fleet of impressive company owned Forklifts, Portable Welders, Boom Trucks, Service Trucks, and Compressors.

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Our Industrial Plant Maintenance Service is just one of the many plant services we provide for our clients. As a general contractor, we make sure any sub-contractors are OSHA and MSHA Certified and trained. Safety is our number one priority. Even in rough situations like removing a boiler from a customer plant via crane and Semi-Truck, or perhaps a client has an industrial machine that becomes inoperable on-site, our crew is prepared to fix the problem in the safest, innovative and efficient way possible. BPF’s On-Site Industrial Maintenance capabilities are world class. Our industry knowledge and decades of experience in site contracted Industrial Mechanical Maintenance is unsurpassable and serves as testimony to Beaumont Piping Fabrication’s elite class status. Regardless of how demanding the project may be, BPF is fully equipped to deliver outstanding, cutting-edge professional services and products. Contact us today and discover what our Industrial Mechanical Division can do to help you.

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