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Beaumont Piping Fabrication provides pipe supports, shoes, hangers, and trapezes.

Piping supports, hangers, and trapezes are integral parts of a piping system in the industrial world. Engineers design pipe supports for the application and intended use of the piping system. The elements that define proper support for a particular piping system is determined based on the medium that is transferred within the pipe, the weight of the pipe material including insulation and heat trace, and the pipe fittings that are attached to the piping system. All piping system supports have four significant functionalities: Anchoring to as structure or ground, absorbing shock from operations or external forces (cyclically loaded in seismic regions), guiding applications for allowable thermal expansion in defined directions, and supporting a weight load of product or medium transferred within the system. Quite often piping systems contain insulating material to prevent the medium from freezing which determines the style and characteristic of the support itself.

Beaumont Piping Fabrication handles all types of piping supports at our facilities.

Beaumont Piping Fabrication handles all types of piping supports at our facilities. We cut, fit, tack, weld, blast, coat, and document piping supports that meet your design criteria. We’ll produce a few supports for a small repair or replacement project, or we can start a production line to make thousands of many different supports at the same time. If it’s in your mechanical scope of work or a design-build project, we’ll make sure to have it provided with all the necessary hardware included. We build Anvil style supports, clevises, clamps, hangers, in all sizes small, medium, and large bore applications.

Beaumont Piping Fabrication also fabricates from print:

  • Pipe slides in stainless and Teflon

  • Clips in stainless and carbon with rubber padding

  • Wear pads in duplex, stainless, or carbon

  • Trunions or Dummy Legs in stainless and carbon with or without supports or baseplates

  • Pads – Shims in stainless and carbon to support the piping expansion

  • Pedestals in stainless and carbon from ground up with base plates or off existing structure

  • Pipe shoes and anchoring in stainless and carbon, with or without slope, clips, or guides

  • Pipe Guides for extreme thermal applications – Refractory – ASME Sec. I Steam Expansion system

  • Saddle Pipe Supports with or without backstops or slides and captive or non-captive

  • Simple uni-strut designs with or without base plates and clips

  • All-thread pipe hangers

  • Snubbers and Shock Absorbers

Beaumont Piping Fabrication provides documentation for all of the industrial design standards from ASME, manufacturing standards from MSS, AWS, and ASTM, quality systems from ISO, ASQC, or CAN3, and testing from ANSI. Upload your project prints, isometrics, P&ID or CAD drawings and specifications for a quote on your project. Be sure to call us to confirm, and we’ll have a free quote and lead time for you ASAP! We appreciate your business!

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