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Beaumont Piping Fabrication offers services across all Industrial Industries.  We provide professional piping, field fabrication and support for Refineries, Mining, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Industrial Process Facilities, Utility Providers, Solar Power Generation, Local and Federal Government Facilities.  We handle all types of code and non-code piping systems and manufacture high-quality professional systems in our world-class facilities. We understand the importance of keeping code piping under complete control. Our stainless steel piping, fittings, and components are kept separate from any carbon piping, to prevent contamination of any austenitic stainless material.  All stainless code piping systems are tested to confirm no contamination or to locate and remove free iron contamination on the surface of all our stainless steel products. By checking for this contamination, we further assure a long-lasting piping system with all preventative measures taken to eliminate premature degradation or deterioration of our stainless products.

R Stamp Program

Field Fabrication and support is a substantial part of our R Stamp program.  We handle all aspects of industrial mechanical work including structural steel, plant maintenance, Outages and Turnarounds, and always perform our work safely and efficiently.  The safety of our employees is our primary concern in any situation. Our quality and safety programs define how we perform our activities on site, and provide the systems of checks and balances to assure job site safety and quality protocols which our organization has established.  All of our employees receive OSHA 10 or MSHA New Miner/Refresher training before site safety orientation. Our employees understand the importance of being aware of their surroundings, performing daily inspections and doing job site safety, job hazard assessments. Mandatory pre-shift safety meetings are an integral part of our standard operating procedures.

Shop Fabrication, piping spools and supports keeps our business consistent.  We support all of the major corporations and general contractors in the Permian Basin due to increased production in shale oil, shale gas, methanol, and our assistance with refinery expansion projects in and around Jefferson County, TX.  We have all the necessary equipment and tools to get the job done right. Some of the equipment we use regularly are:

  •    CNC Plasma
    Piping Fabrication Beaumont TX

    Piping Fabrication Beaumont TX

  •    Lathes
  •    Pipe Positioners and Rollers
  •    Acetylene Torches
  •    Milling Machines
  •    Press Brake
  •    Pipe Benders
  •    Bar Benders
  •    Shears
  •    Bench Grinders and Sanders
  •    Metabo angle grinders
  •    Porta-Band Saws
  •    Iron Workers
  •    Vertical Band Saws
  •    Porta-Powers
  •    Magnetic Drill Presses
  •    Welding Machines
  •    Overhead Gantry and Jib Cranes
  •    Mobile Cranes
  •    Plasma Cutters
  •    Forklifts
  •    Vice clamps
  •    Chain vices
  •    Pipe stands
  •    Carbon/Arc Gougers
  •    Punch Press
  •    Pipe Threading Machine
  •    Pipe Clamps
  •    Pipe Beveling Machine
  •    Stud Gun
  •    Industrial Air Compressors
  •    Hydrostatic Test Pump
  •    Sandblasting Equipment
  •    Power Sprayer Equipment

To learn more about how Beaumont Piping Fabrication can assist your company, please fill out the contact us form, upload your isometric or CAD drawing to our secure upload box, and call us to verify we have the drawing or P&ID in hand.  We look forward to servicing your needs soon.

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